Association for the Protection of Hammersley, Eld and Totten Inlets
in South Puget Sound, Washington


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Coming to the water near you   

↑  Gallagher Cove - scows laden with aquaculture supplies
     and equipment.  2006

↑  Another scow or raft laden with geoduck tubes and other
    debris.  Totten Inlet, 2006.

↑   Gallagher Cove rafts in various stages of repair and disrepair.
      Note blue barrels holding up the rafts.  Interspersed are lines 4
      inches apart, and 12 to 20 feet long, each holding hundreds of
      mussels.  2006


↑  Arrays of non-native mussel species produced 
     and scows in Gallagher Cove. 2006



↑  Aerial photo of longlines growing non-native mussels at
     Deepwater Point, Totten Inlet.  October 2006.



↑   Aerial photo of mussel arrays, Deepwater Point, Totten Inlet.
     October 2006
     Each  array is made up of six rafts.  Each raft is approximately
     30' by 34' in size.  If you do not live within 300 feet of such a
     project, you will not be notified that this will be coming to the
     water near you.  WA Department of Natural Resources leases
     out these sub-tidal sea beds. 

     The proposed installation of the new mussel rafts in the intended
     sub-tidal lease area will include 58 rafts.
     That would be 8 times bigger than this picture.



↑  Aerial photo, Gallagher Cove, Totten Inlet.  Seven arrays of three
    rafts each growing the non-native mussel, M. galloprovincialis
   Taylor proposed doubling this amount at this site, and putting in
   originally 108 rafts in north Totten Inlet, later decreased to 58.
   EIS is pending for this project.   October 2006



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