Association for the Protection of Hammersley, Eld and Totten Inlets
in South Puget Sound, Washington


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Please contact APHETI through our email: apheti@gmail.com

APHETI is a non-profit, 501-C(3) charitable organizations and your donations may be tax deductible.  Any and all donations will be greatly appreciated to help with the costs of meeting our goals.  Or why not become a member of APHETI?  APHETI wishes to preserve the ecologic diversity, stunning beauty, clean waters, and the harmony and balance we have all enjoyed for so long in Puget Sound.

In a book published in April 2006, The Highest Tide by Jim Lynch, the lead character asked what he would recommend to others who were interested in protecting marine life.  He said "Pay Attention".  APHETI would like to add, "Ask Questions!"  Ask questions of those who are responsible for granting to private industry the wholesale use of the public resource we know as the Puget Sound, without scientific study, and to anticipate the short and long term consequences of some of these newer aquaculture practices.

APHETI continues to pay attention and asking questions.  JOIN US!

Family membership fee:  $25.00 per year.

Make check payable to:

P O Box 11523
Olympia, WA  98508-1523

Membership information is kept confidential and is used only for member notices.



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