Association for the Protection of Hammersley, Eld and Totten Inlets
in South Puget Sound, Washington


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 About Us


APHETI is a non-profit organization dedicated to the preservation and enhancement of ecosystem quality in the South Puget Sound.

APHETI was founded in 1996 in response to proposed aquaculture of a non-native species of mussel, Mytilus galloprovincialis. As our level of knowledge about invasive, non-native species has grown, so has our desire to keep ecological balance in our inlets. Our goals are to:

Challenge the proposal of Taylor Resources Inc., to establish additional mussel rafts in the North Totten site;

Monitor the effects of intensive aquaculture operations;

Report the presence of invasive non-native species; and

Educate the public on what we find.




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Please send questions or contact us at apheti@gmail.com