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Totten Inlet Mussel Rafts

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Escapement, colonization and hybridization of the Gallo mussel with the native South Sound mussel at Gallagher Cove Totten Inlet. (Expanded picture not available)

Deepwater Point, Mason County, Totten Inlet -Taylor Gallo mussel rafts, July 2006.

An array of mussel rafts at Gallagher Cove, July 2006.

Gallo mussel single raft at Gallagher Cove, Totten Inlet, 2005

More rafts at Gallagher Cove used for storage only now they are called scows,  2006.

More rafts at Gallagher Cove, with only one navigation light working, 2006.(Expanded picture not available)

Fully laden Gallo mussel rafts being towed down Totten Inlet, April 1997.  Mussels break loose, escaping and causing colonization throughout the waters.  Gallo spat have the ability to stay adrift for up to 120 days to choose their perfect substrate to attach onto. (Expanded picture not available)


Dredging under the rafts to collect shell drop off from mussel long lines, Gallagher Cove, April 1998.

Dredging, different view, April 1998.

Heavily laden barge of mussel shell waste after the dredging, April 1998.

Closer view of mussel shell waste, April 1998.

Deepwater Point mussel rafts - Note some of the stuff on the rafts.  Much of this usually winds up as beach litter.  Residents have been picking up aquaculture debris that has broken free and washed ashore for years. September 1998.

Gallagher Cove mussel rafts, 2006 with debris left after workers leave.  Notice strings hanging down on this and next photo.  Strings are 4 inches apart, and 12-20 feet long.  Below water line, mussel seed is attached and socks are placed over all.  Each string holds hundreds of mussels.  2006.

Same rafts- original permit indicated height of raft could not exceed 2 feet and the structure be made of untreated wood, however the debris frequently exceeds 2 feet in height, and navigation lights only work occasionally. 2006.


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