Association for the Protection of Hammersley, Eld and Totten Inlets
in South Puget Sound, Washington


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Shared, Safe Access for All

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Family outing amongst the oyster bags in 1998, N. Totten.  This outing occurred before the clam beds were covered up, and before geoduck plantings.
This was the first year Taylor Shellfish switched over from cluster oyster culture to single shell bag culture.  Olympic View Beach at Totten Inlet in July 1998.
Oyster bags were the only thing present then, held down with rebar and the bags held together with wire clips.  The beach would be littered with these clips after storms during winter. 1998
Now there are nets covering clam beds, oyster bags and clear hazards of just walking on the beach.   These residents own some of their tidelands, but the seaward tidelands are leased by the state to shellfish companies.
Would you want your child playing in the midst of all this?  Can you just imagine having a family outing now with more nets and geoduck tubes, and the hazards to health and life they pose?


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